'Social Graces'- a short film by Ashley Maas by Katie Bacon

This is my story and the making of my mixed media project, 'Social Graces', now on exhibit at the Albany Museum of Art through November 26th.  This short film was created by Ashley Maas, a talented friend living in New York and current a video editor for Vimeo.  We had this idea to collaborate during a trip to Jamaica to celebrate turning 30.  That trip ended up being the inspiration for the painting featuring Ashley, called 'Ashley and the Jamaican Pups', and eventually inspired this short film.  

Upcoming Group Show by Katie Bacon

Im showing in a group show at Con Artist on Ludlow St NYC on February 4th- February 5th.  There will 11 women emerging artists sharing their take on what it means to be a female artist in todays modern culture.  The opening reception is Saturday, Feb 4th with plenty of libations.  Excited to share some special pieces with you all!

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Online Store Now Available by Katie Bacon

I'm excited to present to you what I have been working on for the past year and am pleased to announce that my latest body of work is now available for purchase! Please note, that some paintings may still be selected for a future exhibit at the Albany Museum of Art when it reopens.  I hope that you enjoy! 

‘Social Graces’ is my latest body of work shedding light onto what social media means to us as a culture and how it effects us emotionally.  I have taken journalistic images with my iPhone camera that are personal and meaningful to where I am currently in my life and have immersed them onto square canvases to mimic the Instagram platform. They are then altered with acrylic paint, giving an atmospheric quality that creates an emotional state and feeling that is tied to my memory of the images when I took them.